Congratulations to Mary Sideratos

Congratulations to Mary Sideratos
June 28, 2010 TMIC

A big A big congratulations to Mary Sideratos who has been promoted to the role of Senior Consultant within TMIC.  Over the past 5 years, Mary has proved herself to be an integral part of the TMIC team; having been responsible for the development and implementation of our e-tool suite of offerings including the Segmenter.

mary sideratos blog
Mary Sideratos

TMIC would like to offer a big warm welcome its newest team member, James Sowden who has recently joined us as a consultant.  James’ last role was at ANOP Research Services where he was a Project Manager and looked after one of their largest tracking projects. He has worked across a variety of sectors with many well known companies, including Qantas, MasterCard, Vodafone Hutchison Australia, Corporate Express, Macquarie Telecom and McDonalds. He has experience in projects such as new product development, choice modelling, brand tracking, and customer satisfaction & loyalty. James has a passion for research and believes it should support the Client in achieving their business goals, rather than simply ‘showing the numbers’. He has returned to university, where he is studying for his MBA. James also likes to cook, and takes the opportunity to invite friends around for a barbeque on the weekend on the weekend.

As a welcome to James on his first day, Angela treated us all to a feast like no other! Our board room was quickly turned into a smorgasbord of delicious delights to satisfy all the ravenous TMIC team members – from scrumptious skewers to fantastic falafels, from amazing antipasto to wonderful wedges, perfect pesto pastas to gorgeous Greek nibbles and many more tantalising treats! We were not left hungry as we rolled and waddled ourselves out of the boardroom! Did we go back for seconds?? Maybe we did!
Thank you to Angela for a delectable lunch and welcome to the TMIC team James!      

james sowden

James Sowden

One of our previous team members is rejoining us from the 1st July.  June Coleman who was a long term employee of TMIC left in 2008 (for family reasons) and is now coming back.  We eagerly await her arrival as June has a wealth of experience in in-depth interviews, field and coding operations.