About us

The Market Intelligence Co. is a leading, Australian owned and independent company specialising in B2B/industrial market intelligence and research.

We have 16 experienced staff, and over 200 executive interviewers and mystery shoppers. Our interviewers are based in all states of Australia and in New Zealand.

The Market Intelligence Co. was formed through a management buyout of Invetech’s Market Intelligence Division which was established in 1989 by Angela Orsaris.

With over 25 years experience in the private and public sector, The Market Intelligence Co. has helped all types of clients, across all manner of issues both big and small.

At The Market Intelligence Co., our clients come first.

We have a strong client service ethic and a focus on quality throughout the entire project process. To ensure this, the majority of our work is conducted by our own team and resources.

In addition, we have a reputation and track record for:

  • the care and pride we bring to every project
  • being honest and open
  • being a trusted partner
  • having the courage to challenge the status quo, and tell it like it is
  • working collaboratively in an agile and flexible manner.

Let us help you/your business succeed …

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