Market Intelligence Co. expertise

Business to Business (B2B)/Industrial Market Research & Intelligence

The Market Intelligence Co. has conducted over 2,500 B2B/Industrial market projects in Australia and overseas; across a diverse range of industries (and clients); utilising a variety of approaches/methods.

This focus on our specific B2B capability and expertise is one of TMIC’s greatest differentiators – unlike most competitors who tend to use B2C processes, structures and teams when conducting B2B/Industrial market research.

B2B/Industrial market research projects usually involve:

  • limited/small/finite samples (segment populations)
  • a need to identify and reach the relevant decision makers and influencers, and then to convert them to participants
  • a need for higher survey participation rates with a more strategic approach to sampling and quota management
  • high value customer participants
  • senior/time poor/hard to get to people/participants
  • research participants geographically located anywhere in the world
  • less structured questionnaires/guides, given the uniqueness and/or specific nature of many responses
  • a need to offer flexible hybrid methodologies and tools (ie. within the one project)
  • a need to understand industry jargon to engage participants
  • a need to understand their industry in order to put their comments/inputs into context
  • a need to synthesize vast amounts of complex (and often ambiguous) data.

Trust your B2B/Industrial market research projects to the specialists – The Market Intelligence Co.

Our depth of expertise and track record in B2B/Industrial market research provides our clients with unbiased and quality information (evidence based) to make important business decisions with confidence and minimal (or managed) risk.


The Market Intelligence Co. provides evidence based intelligence to all three tiers of Government – Federal, State and Local.

We have a team of researchers who understand the nuances of conducting research with community, clients, customers and stakeholders of government agencies and in providing evidence based strategic advice and direction.

Our expertise includes:

  • Social research and policy development
  • Research to inform the development of government communication campaigns and effectiveness measurement
  • Program reviews
  • New service/product development research
  • Government to Consumer and Government to Business (G2C and G2B) to measure the customer and business experience of government provided services
  • Research amongst Indigenous Australians and specialist (often hard to reach) audiences like the vision impaired.