Market Intelligence Co. at the Bellachara boutique hotel

Market Intelligence Co. at the Bellachara boutique hotel
August 31, 2010 TMIC

 TMIC Offsite Strategy Session


This year The Market Intelligence Co. held its annual ‘Strategy Session’ at the Bellachara boutique hotel in the beautiful surroundings of Gerringong on the 25th and 26thof July. For those of you not familiar with the area, Gerringong is a town located about 10 minutes south of Kiama in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. We had a fantastic and extremely beneficial 2 day strategy session which enabled the TMIC team to come together to discuss past, present and future business endeavours and ideas for possible change and improvements. The conference also provided us with a valuable platform to discuss various business strategies for the company as a whole. Fear not though! Amongst all the business related activities we did still find time to fit in an amusing yet surprisingly painful Pilates class. We have supplied photographs on this blog for your entertainment!!!   ESOMAR Conference In other business related news, Angela will be attending an ESOMAR conference in Athens between the 12th and 15th of September. ESOMAR, which prides itself on being “the world organisation for enabling better research into markets, consumers and societies”,  helps to promote and support membership communications and networking. The conference held in Athens, titled ‘Odyssey 2010 – The Changing Face of Market Research’ will enable various industry professionals to reflect on their research and approaches from the past and determine what the future holds for the Market Research industry as a whole.     Happy Survey Respondents Become TMIC Clients It’s extremely pleasing when respondents to TMIC surveys become clients.  Over the last 12 months we have noted an increasing trend, where numerous projects have originated from respondents who were so impressed with our interviewer and questionnaire that they then commissioned their own survey.  This is terrific for both TMIC and the market research industry as a whole.   I-MED Network And on a final project related note – TMIC recently completed a large “customer” satisfaction project for the I-MED Network, Australia’s largest private diagnostic imaging network. This involved over a thousand interviews with doctors (Specialists and GPs) and almost 3,000 interviews with patients, across selected I-MED Network clinics. At an overall level the I-MED clinics surveyed are performing extremely well on all key quantitative indicators for both referrers and patients. Notably I-MED received very high overall levels of satisfaction and “Best Practice” level Net Promoter Scores. Congratulations to the I-MED Network.  

tmic offsite strategy 2010 gerringong

TMIC Offsite Strategy 2010 Gerringong




tmic offsite strategy 2010 dinner 

TMIC Offsite Strategy 2010 Dinner