Putting the customer at the heart of your business is essential. Not acting on feedback they provide is a missed opportunity.

Customer Experience (CX), Voice of Customer, Customer Value Merchants (CVM), Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), Customer Centricity and Engagement programs continue to grow in popularity as the cost of acquiring new customers and market growth far exceed the cost of retaining existing customers and increasing their share of wallet with you.

“Word of mouth” is the most effective and least expensive form of advertising. Positive customer experience, high customer loyalty/advocacy and engagement translate into major benefits for your customers (stakeholders), your employees and your bottom line.


Over the years, The Market Intelligence Co. (TMIC) has implemented and conducted hundreds of customer (and stakeholder) surveys and programs, leading to the creation of an extensive portfolio of industry benchmarks for satisfaction, loyalty/advocacy and engagement.

We are adept at using a large variety of customer experience programs, as well as customised hybrid programs to better meet your company’s/organisation’s or industry’s requirements/needs.

We can assist you in setting up and running an effective customer experience program, from customer journey and touchpoint mapping, designing the customer experience measurement, and feedback systems, through to closing the loop implementation and training assistance.

TMIC works with you to deliver metrics, insights and actions that will truly help your business, both strategically and operationally:


Trust us with your customers

We understand that customer research represents an important exercise in not only improving your bottom line performance, but also in customer/public relations.

Our research consultants offer a depth of expertise and business thinking, they’re complemented by our own field team (national) of interviewers who are experienced in securing and conducting professional interviews with your customers (and other stakeholders).

TMIC won’t outsource your customer interviews to third party field companies, nor do we use student or backpacker interviewers.

We conduct customer research for many leading Australian and international companies/organisations, as well as Government (Federal, State).

ACE® – Actionable Customer Engagement

ACE® is our proprietary engagement tool.

ACE® doesn’t just tell you how satisfied, loyal and engaged your customers are; it also determines which aspects of your offer will impact this outcome, to allow you to focus on improving those aspects which will have the greatest positive impact on your customers and your company/organisation.

An ACE® score is a derived, wholistic index of customer engagement. (It can also be applied to, eg. an industry organisation’s members; and other stakeholders.) In addition to measuring customer experience, the ACE® score also incorporates relationship and loyalty/advocacy measures, along with comparisons to competitors used by your customer base.

As the ACE® score is a weighted index it cannot be easily “gamed” as other single metric indexes can, making it a more robust index to use in your employee KPIs or to link with other company performance metrics.


Customer Loyalty

How strong are your current relationships with customers (or stakeholders)?

Within B2B and industrial markets, the level of partnership and quality of relationships are critical components to business success, given the degree of influence one or two individuals can have within a customer company/organisation.

A number of measures can be used, such as:

  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) – measure of advocacy
  • Relationship (Partnership) Ladder – measure of “earned” loyalty
  • Customer’s spend and customer longevity analyses
  • Future purchase intentions.

These measures can be used on their own (eg. an NPS® only survey) or incorporated into other metrics, such as ACE®.

Customer Value Analysis (CVA)

A more indepth analysis of your competitive positioning, identifying which competitors have superior value propositions.

CVA is built on the premise that customers measure “value” when making business decisions, based on the relationships of Quality (Benefits) and Price within a competitive context.


Do you want to:

  • differentiate your business, find a new position on the Customer Value Map?
  • understand what customers value?