Usage & Attitude

The Market Intelligence Co. (TMIC) conducts usage and attitude (U&A) studies to identify and measure customer attitudes and usage behaviour for your products (or services), brand(s) or company.


We utilise qualitative, quantitative and hybrid (qual-quant; primary and secondary) methodologies to conduct U&A studies.

Qualitative approaches are used if motivations underlying purchase decisions need to be explored or are unknown (eg. in the case of a new market).

Quantitative approaches provide a valid and representative overview of user/purchaser needs, preferences, and their product and brand knowledge. A quantitative U&A allows for market segmentation.

U&A studies are comprehensive and strategic. These studies have market-wide coverage to include users/purchasers across both customers and non-customers in your market.

Given the nature (and size) of U&A studies they tend to be conducted less frequently, usually every two to three years; with results and recommendations being built into your strategic planning process.

A U&A study will guide your brand development and business growth by identifying opportunities to expand reach, attract new users/customers, improve product (or service) positioning, and optimise product and service features.

U&A studies complement other data sources (eg. purchase data).

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