Listening to your employees is vital, as vital as listening to your customers and potential customers.

Each employee is a link in the chain that delivers profit and shareholder return.


Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is integral to driving success in your organisation. Employee engagement is linked to your organisational outcomes, including customer loyalty, performance errors, profitability, safety and turnover.

Engaged employees are enthusiastic about their work and their company. They are your company’s (and brand) Ambassadors, who positively impact customer interactions (and potential customers) and other employee interactions.

Employee engagement is more than employee satisfaction, it’s about employees who share and are committed to living and delivering on your organisation’s vision and core values. Engaged employees care about their organisation and work to contribute towards its success – they go that little bit further, do that little bit more.

The Market Intelligence Co.’s (TMIC) employee engagement model is wholistic incorporating employee satisfaction, pride, advocacy, retention and commitment measures to derive employee engagement.

TMIC’s model is modular and flexible, our surveys range from 2-3 minutes, to 15-20 minutes for the most comprehensive option, with the average around 10 minutes. At TMIC we work closely with you to ensure the research method, content, metrics and output formats address your specific needs and objectives.

TMIC’s Model of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement

Employee NPS® (eNPS®)

eNPS® is based on the “Likelihood to Recommend” Net Promoter Score® question, and provides you with a measure of employee advocacy:

“How likely are you to recommend this/our company as a place of work to a friend or acquaintance?”


“How likely are you to recommend this/our company’s products/services to friends, acquaintances and/or family?”

The follow-up “why this score?” question provides insight into the employee drivers that will move “Detractors” to “Passives” and “Passives” to “Promoters”. Employee Promoters are also referred to as Ambassadors.

As eNPS® surveys are relatively simple to run they are particularly useful when conducted as an ongoing measure, at multiple times of the year, or at various stages of employment.

eNPS® surveys must be confidential (unlike customer NPS® surveys). By engaging The Market Intelligence Co. we will ensure your eNPS® survey will be conducted in a professional manner with employee confidentiality assured.

The Market Intelligence Co. (TMIC) conducts eNPS® as standalone surveys or as part of our wholistic employee engagement model.

Note: Net Promoter Score®, NPS® and eNPS® are trademarks of Satmetric Systems Incl., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.

Internal Customer/Stakeholder Research

Internal customer research measures satisfaction/loyalty/engagement of internal customer departments (and other internal stakeholders). This ensures that all key departments/areas (eg. IT, procurement, accounts, HR, etc.) within your organisation are meeting the needs/requirements of the departments they’re servicing and supporting, so an optimal outcome can be delivered to customers (and suppliers).

Satisfaction, NPS®, Customer Effort are amongst the key metrics covered in internal customer research.

With over 20 years experience, TMIC has a proven track record in employee research.

We offer benchmarks, both overall and on specific areas/components.

We offer a dynamic and user friendly electronic reporting tool (the Segmenter®) that allows you to “slice and dice” to instantly create reports for selected sub-segments of the data (without compromising on employee confidentiality).

TMIC can provide consistent research/measures for both your employees and customers, which enables these measures to be integrated and linked to your organisation’s (and management’s) business/performance measures.

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