A Sunny Sunday Surprise: Celebrating Angela’s Milestone Birthday

A Sunny Sunday Surprise: Celebrating Angela’s Milestone Birthday
November 22, 2023 TMIC

It’s tradition in our close-knit team to celebrate our milestones and achievements, and this time we were honouring Angela.

It’s not often we can keep a secret from our illustrious leader, but we caught her totally by surprise when we recently celebrated her milestone birthday.

The planning was clandestine, the venue, a pontoon restaurant on the picturesque George’s River.  The sun was sparkling off the water as we arrived early to set the scene with balloons.  We laid low and hid in corners when she arrived, jumping out with screams of glee … Surprise!!!

Many glasses were raised in Cheers to the magnificent woman Angela is.  It was such a great moment to be able to give back to her much of the love and support she gives to us all.

Many drinks and toasts to Angela, much food, and one yummy cake later, we farewelled each other, as we closed the weekend off with a bang.

This memorable day by the George’s River was not just a celebration of a milestone birthday, but a testament to the strength and warmth of our TMIC family. Here’s to many more milestones, celebrated together with the same spirit and joy.

And a big thank you Angela, for being YOU!