Market/Industry Analysis

Before you make any investment decision or any major changes, have you evaluated and understood your (target) market/industry in an impartial, objective and rigorous manner?

Whether you’re looking to enter into a new market/industry; expand your presence within an existing market/industry; launch new products/services; change your supply partners/distribution channel(s); conduct an acquisition; etc., understanding the market/industry dynamics is fundamental to ensuring your valuable resources are effectively targeted and your chances for success are maximised.

This type of research requires a deep and broad analysis into a business, market and the applicable industry using a variety of integrated market intelligence sources, skills and approaches.


There’s no substitute for knowing a market/industry – its competitive dynamics, regulatory changes, advances in technology, buyer success factors, market price shifts, to compete and thrive. The Market Intelligence Co.’s consultants draw upon years of direct experience in a range of markets/industries (including Not for Profit and Government); combined with our range of integrated market intelligence solutions to help your company/organisation develop and adopt strategies for long term growth and success.

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