MD Angela Orsaris Featured on Leader Talk Podcast

MD Angela Orsaris Featured on Leader Talk Podcast
May 2, 2022 TMIC

Angela Orsaris in a virtual meeting with Natalie Dawson and Mimmo Lubrano for the Leader Talk podcast

Brainiact’s Leader Talk is a podcast where hosts Pierlite ANZ CEO Gustav Arianto or Sandhurst Director & CEO Mimmo Lubrano along with Elite Words Founder & Managing Director Natalie Dawson meet with leaders from across Australia and around the world. Their goal: “to give back to SMEs across Australia.

Angela was delighted to be the featured guest on their latest episode, to talk about her experience in market intelligence and insights gained during her career.  A range of topics were discussed, including The Market Intelligence Co.’s background, on what role market intelligence (desk research and primary market research) can play to help SMEs grow their businesses, including everything from employee engagement research to the Net Promoter Score®.

Here’s what wisdom Angela had to offer on the importance of employee engagement:

“Because we do a lot of customer research, we do a lot of market share research, competitor research, and we do a lot of employee research, we’ve been able to confirm that there is a direct link between employee engagement and customer engagement and that it’s usually a six month lag.  If we see a dip in the employee engagement score, it is guaranteed that within six months you will see your customer engagement score dip, and then depending on your industry and your business, in six to twelve months’ time you will see a dip in your sales and/or your market share. […] Also, the reverse happens: when employees see the customers are happy, even if they’re not as happy with their employer, they will score more positively than when customers are unhappy and they feel they’re working for a horrible boss, they’ll be just negative as well.  So, everything is inter-related – hence employee engagement is critical.  You need to know whether your employees will recommend this place, your place of work […] to others.  And that’s usually a really good test of what they would think of their employer or their place of work.”

Angela thoroughly enjoyed the chat with Natalie and Mimmo and sincerely hopes that some of the points discussed will be useful to businesses when they are thinking about market intelligence.

To hear the entire episode, head on over to YouTube or search Leader Talk wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.