Carol Lees – Final Words on Leaving TMIC

Carol Lees – Final Words on Leaving TMIC
September 22, 2015 TMIC

Carol Lees left TMIC at the end of August after 19 years with the company.  As one of the original staff members, she will be sorely missed.  We gave her the opportunity to tell us about her journey with the company and a little bit about the journey after.

Do you remember your first day?

Yes, I started at the Pyrmont office, initially working for Invetech, Market Intelligence Division.  About 4 years later Angela bought this division of Invetech and created The Market Intelligence Co., and with a staff of 11 on board we moved to the Lakes Business Park at Botany.  I was new to market research and my initial role was IT systems administration and project secretary.  This is somewhat similar to what I do now but my role has evolved over the years.

How has your role changed over the years?

I gained more IT experience and began to do more in this area.  As other staffing changes occurred over time, Melissa and I shared the office manager role and divided some of the duties.  My role expanded to include being Angela’s PA, office administration and organising TMIC events.

What was your favourite part of being on staff at TMIC?

With longevity in a job comes an acceptance of who you are and what you are capable of.  In addition, I could learn the same about the people I was working with.  I was able to get to know people well and have people get to know me more. 

What was your favourite part of the job?

I really get a buzz when clients use the information and insights we produce for them.  When they have received the intended benefits from it, I feel a sense of accomplishment as a lot of work goes into producing reports and meeting our clients’ needs.  It’s good to see them get the value from those efforts.

Can you remember any highlights along the way?

Our offsite strategies were always great both for work and for social opportunities.  The work aspect of these events was excellent for sharing ideas without interruptions.  They help everyone to understand what is going on in the company and to participate in building the future direction of TMIC.

I also enjoyed the social aspect – seeing people relaxed, having a drink together and a few laughs.  Our activities were always fun; the quad bike riding sticks out as not only fun but a really different thing to do.  I have one memory of kayaking at Duralong and one of the boats going around in circles.  There was a lot of laughter that day.

What was most challenging about your job?

The pressure of getting projects out on time and ensuring you do a good job in a short timeframe.  That has always been the case and is unlikely to change; it’s the nature of the work.

What will you be doing with your time after you leave?

My reason for leaving is that I am moving up to the Blue Mountains initially, with the ultimate plan to move to Hobart in the future.  So my leaving is a lifestyle choice.

Do you have any parting words to your TMIC family?

I wish everyone all the best and hope TMIC continues to be the success it has been.