TMIC’s New, Wholistic Employee Engagement Model

TMIC’s New, Wholistic Employee Engagement Model
September 5, 2016 TMIC

Employee engagement is more than employee satisfaction, it’s about employees who share and are committed to living and delivering on an organisation’s vision and core values. Engaged employees care about their organisation and work to contribute towards its success – they go that little bit further, do that little bit more.

We have developed a new, wholistic employee engagement model at The Market Intelligence Co. The new model derives an employee engagement score from employee satisfaction, pride, advocacy, retention and commitment measures. The model is modular and flexible. Our surveys range from a few to 20 minutes, with the average around 10-15 minutes. Main or annual surveys can be complemented by more frequent pulse surveys (eg. quarterly).

Employee Engagement Model

Employee engagement is integral to driving success in any organisation. Engaged employees are more productive and offer better service. Good performance and customer service leads to customer satisfaction, loyalty and engagement, which in turn drive profits, growth and shareholder value.