Celebrating Sixteen Years Since Angela Took TMIC Out on Its Own

Celebrating Sixteen Years Since Angela Took TMIC Out on Its Own
March 16, 2016 TMIC

Anniversaries are exciting at the best of times and TMIC’s 16th Anniversary is no exception!  It is hard to believe that 16 years have passed since Angela bought the TMIC business from Invetech and grew and developed it to what it is today.  The staff enjoyed a special treat to celebrate this great event.  We all headed off to Pino’s Dolce Vita for an Italian feast of antipasto, diner’s choice for main and a delicious Nutella doughnut to finish.  Mary said a few words and presented Angela with a pampering gift from all the staff to show our appreciation.  Some of the team put their poetic skills to the test and came up with TMIC’s recipe for success, as follows:

“Now we’re cooking….
Take a few sweet, yet saucy secretaries;
Stir in a splash of hot and spicy field.
Add a pinch of punchy project consultants
And a good serve of tart ‘n tangy transporters.
Slowly fold in a dash of savoury strategists,
Then slowly bake for 16 years.
For presentation, top your scrumptious creation with a Mummalicious MD!

And there you have the makings of a delectable company that everyone wants a taste of!”

There’s no real threat to Hallmark but we know that the heart and soul of this company is in its ingredients and Angela ensures her team is well looked after.  We are grateful to Angela for the special lunch time treat and her ongoing vision for the future of TMIC.

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