Christmas Cruisin’ TMIC-style

Christmas Cruisin’ TMIC-style
December 6, 2015 TMIC

Perfect weather, perfect location, who could ask for more?! All TMIC staff and their partners were treated to an afternoon of cruising around the beautiful waters of Sydney Harbour on a catamaran named Morpheus. As if the view and the company weren’t enough, Angela organised for us to enjoy some laser clay shooting which everyone found lots of fun. There were a few shocked faces on the boats that passed by as they saw us pointing what looked like double-barrelled shot guns at each other and off the side of the boat! There were two prizes, the highly esteemed first place which went to Alex Sideratos and the not-so-esteemed horses arse award for last place which was taken by Anne Vogt. There were so many laughs and crazy antics during this activity. We also all had the opportunity to have a caricature done by a couple of talented guys who joined us on board for the duration of the cruise. The hopes and dreams of all were cleverly depicted on paper for us to keep and remember this special event.

We are all most grateful to Angela for leading us through another year of busyness and for so generously celebrating with her team at this and other special events throughout the year.

TMIC Christmas Cruise 2015

TMIC Christmas Cruise 2015TMIC Christmas Cruise 2015