Angela’s ESOMAR Conference in Istanbul

Angela’s ESOMAR Conference in Istanbul
December 9, 2013 TMIC

Angela recently attended the ESOMAR conference in Istanbul. ESOMAR is an organisation for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide. Below is an overview from the ESOMAR website regarding this year’s Congress.

Market and social research is at a cross roads – while old methods are still with us, new methods are appearing almost daily, as the internet and mobiles become more pervasive and more data is available in real time than ever before.

Research is equipped to identify patterns of understanding and opportunity, but as social content swells so does large-scale data gathering and analytics, leading to a new frontier of competitive differentiation. While some of these methods and new competitors and collaborators have the potential to provide us with faster and deeper insights than ever before, others are blind alleys. In the end, change is the only certainty for our industry.

This year’s Congress aims to help discuss the changing contours of the industry and highlight the bolder, broader, bigger  rofession that is emerging.

Think Big invites researchers and communicators to highlight quality examples of the value of research, and to inspire the industry with their vision.

Join us for the 66th ESOMAR Congress in Istanbul, the crossroads between the East and West. A pulsating metropolis blending tradition with the new, it is the perfect place for a global industry needing to THINK BIG to determine its future.

Angela also managed to fit in some ‘me time’ on her trip to Istanbul. We have included some photographs below.